Who doesn’t want more 👀 on their home, right? 

I mean, the goal is to get the very best price you can. And the more showings you have the more offers you get. 

So here’s how to get your UNFAIR share of attention on your home when it’s listed:

☝️ Focus on the Lifestyle: The description and pictures need to tell a story of WHY someone wants to live in that house. After all, people don’t just buy a home because it has 3 beds, 2 baths and 2,000sf…they buy because they feel emotionally attached! So highlight the best features with staging, description, photos and videos done in an intentional & strategical way.

✌️Apply the Magic of Staging: Have you ever been in a model home? Well, let’s just say I’ve never been in one that didn’t make me wanna live there! There is so much power in having a home professionally staged. A Pro knows how to tell a story through furniture and decor…the story always being a welcoming home that almost anyone can imagine themselves living in. Make sure you have THAT magic!

🤟 Price It Right: Even if your marketing is ON POINT, if your pricing is off your home will get ignored. A strategic list price is 90% of the game - so make sure yours lands you with MORE buyers looking, and not less. I mean, you do want them fighting over the home, right? 😉

Wanna work with someone who understands these strategies and more?? Send me a DM and we can get the conversation started 💙