Settling into a brand new neighborhood can be pretty overwhelming. After all, you just spent months or years getting to know the neighborhood you lived in previously, so it can feel like a daunting task to start that process all over again.That’s why we put together a list of 5 ways to settle into a neighborhood with ease:

Get to know your neighbors – this is one of the most efficient ways to get to know your neighborhood! They can give you tips, you can get to know the personalities of the area, and you’ll more likely get invited to events and establish relationships.

Host a house-warming party – another super efficient way of getting to know your neighborhood because you’ll get to know your neighbors on a more intimate level.

Find your local favorites – finding your local favorite spots is going to be crucial, especially at the beginning when you’re missing home. Find places in your new neighborhood that make you feel truly at home.

Explore your surroundings – there’s nothing like having a little “explore sesh” to get familiar with your new surroundings. We encourage you to have a map on you but to have no agenda and just take in all the sights.

Get involved in the community – again, whenever you can involve yourself in the community and talk to your neighbors, you’re going to feel more like you’re at home.