It's May. The sun is shining. The days are getting longer. That little bird outside my window is waking me up earlier and earlier...


So what does that mean? It means we're seeing more homes go up for sale each and every day. May and June are typically when we see the most homes come up for sale, and it seems this year is going to be no different. 


When you combine that with the fact that interest rates have risen almost 2 percentage points since January, it's means we're in a shifting market - one where it's going to get a little easier for buyers to get their offers accepted and one where sellers aren't getting those crazy good terms/prices like last year.


So is home staging important? YES. 


Taking time to have a "Home Prep Strategy" is more important than ever. You want your home to stand out and draw as many potential home buyers as possible. I can't emphasize the power of staging enough - home buyers flock to homes that look like HGTV! In a shifting market, that is what you need to get those rockin terms, multiple offers, and tippy top prices.


Stats show that Staged Homes sell faster AND for more money - at least 1-5% more. That may not sound like much, but on a $500k home that's $5-25k more!


If you are thinking about selling, let's meet a couple months in advance so that we can put together a plan to make your home stand out. Reply to this email and we can get started today.