A kitchen remodel is a major undertaking! But it has been on my list since I was 7 years old and learning to use graph paper. So finally, many years later I’m getting to live out that dream in my 70s California Ranch Home here in Placerville.


We bought this home almost 5 years ago thinking that the kitchen would be the first project we would complete. Boy was I wrong!!


The home inspection had brought up some drainage issues, specifically that under the house was damp most of the time. This sent my husband into full blown Mr. Fix-It (love him for that!) and meant that drainage came first. 


So five years, one 150-foot retaining wall, new patio, a complete drainage system, total exterior remodel, and a new driveway later we are doing my dream kitchen at last!! I’m tired just WRITING that sentence!


One of the reasons we bought this home was because the kitchen had already been opened up to the living area several years ago. I was never stuck on having an open concept home, but it sure is nice to sit at the peninsula and sip my wine while my husband cooks me dinner. 


Other than the open concept this kitchen is in desperate need of a makeover. There are cabinets, but good luck storing much in them or finding what you store at a later date! The appliances are all getting old. The disposal sounds like a monster and often spits at you. The lighting isn’t great either - so watch out using large knives! 


I’ve had way too much time to think about what I want, but I would have to say if I were to do this all over again I’m glad remodelling the kitchen wasn’t the first thing we did.


Why? Because it takes some time to understand how you use your home and what functional items you would like in your new kitchen. For instance, we have a cute eat-in space near the window on the front wall. I love that space - the pendant light, the Mid-Century Modern chairs, and the blonde wood table. But we rarely use it. So instead, I’d rather have a large island that I can sit at and work on my laptop and stare at the view or have guests gather around when we entertain. A larger island also gives us more storage opportunities than a breakfast nook.


Let me show you what we have, my drawings/plans, and some inspiration photos. 


Current State of Affairs




Plans I've Drawn Up (Subject to Change!)


I’ve spent the last couple months trying to connect with a local contractor and get one to come over and start planning with us. That has been difficult to say the least!! Every contractor has said that they are VERY busy. It turns out though that means different things to different contractors - anything from “not meeting with anyone or doing any waitlist” to “two months out” and everything in between. Of course with the supply chain as it is, we figured it would be 5-6 months after we order the majority of items before the remodel actually started. 


After taking a trip to American Kitchen Cabinets on Placerville Dr and speaking with Shaunna, I was finally able to connect with a couple contractors and we are meeting with them next week. Hopefully this means we are back on track to have the kitchen finished this Summer. 


Once we meet with the contractors and get our estimates and drawings back from American Kitchen Cabinets I’ll write the next installment. Until then, take care!


And if you ever have questions about referrals to local vendors, I’m your gal. Just send an email or give me a call and I’ll gladly help you out.


Your friend and Realtor,

Morgan Larson


DRE #01884981